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Amy Garee , RN, MS, PNP

Vanderbilt University PhD
Home Sunbury Ohio United States


I work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital also in Columbus. I have been a nurse practitioner on the bone marrow transplant unit for 10 years and the previous seven years was a hematology/oncology nurse. I have recently transitioned to caring for the sickle cell population. My time in the Hematology/oncology division has re enforced to me the needs of this special patient population and the coping abilities of their family. I hope to particularly investigate parental coping in the pediatric oncology population. I have been a PhD student at Vanderbilt the last year. In my time at Vanderbilt I have developed a passion for Academics and would like to serve in a faculty position upon completion of the program. I am a member of the Palliative Care Special Interest group and have two recent puplications with the group. The program at Vanderbilt as well as my involvement with the SIG has enhanced my research experience profoundly. The caliber of the faculty at Vanderbilt is impecable and I have found a perfect mentor for my research focus. I look forward to continuing my career trajectory at Vanderbilt with the Jonas scholarship allowing me a further opportunity in nursing leadership and growth.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Cancer
Dissertation: Parental Coping in the Pediatric Oncology Population