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Bankole Aluko , BSN, RN

University of Missouri-St. Louis DNP
Home Florissant Missouri United States


I am Bankole Aluko. I migrated from Nigeria into the United States in the year 2008. On getting into the US, I started working at a State facility as developmental assistant caring for people with physical disability. This gives me motivation and passion to go into nursing in order to learn, give holistic and competent care to people and the community as a whole. I started my Nursing career the following year at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the prestigious University of Missouri, Saint Louis. I’m presently working as a staff nurse on telemetry and neuro floor in one of the top hospitals in my home state of Missouri. I have nursing experience in psychiatric, medical-surgical and Intensive Care Unit. I was awarded a scholarship during my undergraduate academic school year. Presently, I’ve been awarded Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare Scholarship. With my experience and passion to have more qualification added to my BSN degree, I decided to further my education in nursing. I submitted my application to my alma mater for Doctorate degree program (DNP). I was offered admission into the DNP program and am presently in the third semester of a three years program. My research/clinical practice of interest is community-based care. I was recently sworn in as a Navy reserve officer as Ensign Nurse Corp. I’m a Christian, trustworthy, married young man with two lovely children. My hobbies are traveling, watching moving and being around my family.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar – Community-based Care
Dissertation: I’m still working on that.