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Brad Phillips , MSN, RN

West Virginia University PhD
Home Morgantown WV United States


I am currently in the PhD in Nursing Program at West Virginia University. I graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing from Monroe County Community College in 2011, completed my BSN in 2014 from Eastern Michigan University, and received my MSN in Nursing Education from The University of Toledo in 2017. My clinical area of practice is in pediatric critical care and my priority research area is in the psychosocial and emotional health of parents and caregivers of critically ill children. My initial focus is to identify threats to the emotional integrity of parents and caregivers of critically ill children. Subsequently, I plan to develop a nurse-led intervention to mitigate the identified threats with the potential to improve the longitudinal health outcomes in patients and families alike. I also teach undergraduate nursing students in the child and adolescent health course at West Virginia University School of Nursing to foster and maintain continual professional growth.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Psych-Mental Health
Dissertation: Assessing the Emotional Integrity of Parents with an Acute Critically Ill Child