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Chava Pollak , FNP-BC, BSN, RN, PCCN

Pace University PhD
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I am entering my second year of the PhD Nursing program at Pace University. My experience is focused on geriatric nursing and the use of technology to improve the lives of older adults. The care of older adults has been my focus since my undergraduate studies. Drs. Sharon Wexler and Lin Drury have been my mentors since 2013. They have inspired and nurtured an interest in geriatrics within me through their work with gerotechnology and their commitment to geriatric nursing. Dr. Wexler’s interest is in improving function in older adults along the continuum of care. Dr. Drury’s interest is in underserved, older adult populations in the community. This combination of experience will enable me to carry out my proposed research. I have had the opportunity to work with Drs. Wexler and Drury and to be mentored by them in the role of research assistant and most recently as project manager for two externally funded projects exploring the use of a virtual avatar and robotic pets to improve outcomes in hospitalized older adults.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar – Geriatrics
Dissertation: My research focus is the use of technology to identify and reduce frailty in community dwelling older adults. Utilizing the conceptual framework of accumulation of deficits, the use of mobility as an intervention for prevention of frailty is clinically feasible as part of routine care. Mobility status is an early indicator of frailty and the assessment of such may detect frailty before clinical signs are evident. Mobility is easily assessed in all practice settings and practically significant in terms of physical independence.