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Emily Tsivitse , MSN, RN

Case Western Reserve University PhD
Home Solon Ohio United States


Currently a PhD student interested in the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patient population, and the affects of their symptoms and co-morbidities after attendance in a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program. I am also a research assistant under Dr. Ronald Hickman, I was apart of development of an avatar education tool to assist surrogate decision makers (SDMs), while making decisions for loved ones in an ICU setting. I have a bachelors of nursing and recently obtained board certification as a Adult Gerontology Primary Care nurse practitioner. I have previously worked as a bedside nurse in a medical surgical setting and additionally care for patients on mechanical ventilation. I have various amounts of previous research experience, including pharmaceutical trials, cardiovascular stem cell tissue replacement, pulmonary bronchoscopy, neurointensivist stroke assessment training.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Chronic Health
Dissertation: Anticipated dissertation title: Pulmonary Rehabilitation self-management and symptom influence on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients and their co-morbidities