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Kaitlin Phelan , RN, BSN

University of San Diego DNP
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I am enrolled in the DNP Program at the University of San Diego in the FNP/PNP dual track, which I will extend by a year to complete the PHMNP curriculum. I have a background in working with children with severe special needs and complex medical needs and in behavioral health. I have recently spent time completing FNP clinical hours in a student health setting in an urban community college, which has been an incredible learning opportunity, and has demonstrated that there is a huge need for increased knowledge of mental health in primary care settings. I am part of the Jonas-Flynn cohort due to the completion of the Susan D. Flynn Oncology fellowship in 2015. Though my experiences have allowed me to work with a wide variety of populations, I have a strong interest in vulnerable populations and resilience in pediatric settings, a passion that was initially formed when I began to work with children with special needs while concurrently completing the Flynn Oncology fellowship and learning about the values of oncology nursing. The lessons I was able to take away from this program were invaluable and I am grateful that they were able to lead me to the Jonas Scholars, where I have continued to meet intelligent, compassionate nurses who strive for the best possible care for our patients each day.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas-Flynn Scholar – Preventive Health
Dissertation: DNP Project – Topic in progress, will be r/t Assessing resilience in pediatric primary care