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Victoria Tiase , MSN, RN-BC

University of Utah PhD
Home New York NY United States


I am a nurse informatician passionate about discovering data-driven, information technology solutions for increased patient and provider engagement and incorporating them into interdisciplinary clinical practice. With over 20 years of nursing experience at New York Presbyterian Hospital, I have continued to move to more responsible positions into my current role as a nurse scientist. I have over 10 years of experience of giving clinical input to technology projects in all areas, especially regarding the implementation of an electronic medical record and patient facing tools. I am a resource for projects that involve clinical workflow optimization and assist in finding solutions for difficult clinical informatics challenges. As the nursing lead for the design, implementation and roll-out of an institution-developed personal health record (PHR),, I evaluate the patient use of health IT tools and seek out ways to bring patient generated data to the clinical environment. Furthermore, I coordinate research efforts to understand the clinical implications related to the sharing of data between patients and clinicians as well as the benefits to the learning health system. I serve on the steering committee for the Alliance for Nursing Informatics and recently completed a fellowship in the ANI Emerging Leaders Program assessing nurse readiness to use health IT tools for patient engagement. I completed a MSN in Nursing Informatics from Columbia University, BSN from the University of Virginia and I’m currently pursuing a PhD from the University of Utah with a focus on the integration of mobile health data into clinical workflows.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Environmental Health
Dissertation: (anticipated) Optimizing the use of patient-generated data, sensor data, and other novel data types by integrating with electronic medical record data to support decision making in chronic illnesses.