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Christopher J Yi

University of Connecticut

My name is Christopher J. Yi, and I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Currently, I am working as a Medical/Telemetry Nurse at St. Francis Hospital, and, as a Public Health Nurse (PHN) for the City of Hartford, CT. After graduating less than two years ago, I have found that the best way to gain experience is to ‘throw’ myself, wholeheartedly, into the nursing profession.…

Chelle Yin

Duke University

Elen Yip, ,BSN

University of San Diego

Ellie Yip received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physiological Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and spent a year abroad in Japan as an English teacher before deciding to return to school to pursue nursing. She obtained her BSN degree from New York University and spent a few years working as a medical-surgical and intermediate care nurse at a private hospital in Las Vegas.…

Photo of Salamata Yoda FNP-BC, MSN, BSN, RN, CLC, Sigma Theta International chapter, National Society of Leadership and Success

Salamata Yoda, FNP-BC, MSN, BSN, RN, CLC, Sigma Theta International chapter, National Society of Leadership and Success

West Virginia University Research Corporation

Moka Yoo-Jeong, , BSN, RN

Emory University

Ms. Moka Yoo-Jeong received her BS in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin where she worked as a student researcher in a supramolecular chemistry lab constructing peptide-based sensors used to differentiate wine varietals and also in a social psychology research study examining behavioral manifestations of individual’s personality. She continued her education at Emory University, where she received a BS in nursing.…

Venessa Yoosook

University of Utah (Wyoming)

Eunhea You

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Even though I have over 14 years nursing experiences, I came to realize that having some nursing experience is not enough to take good care of my patients due to an imbalance of limited knowledge and skills. Therefore, I decided to study in America, which has one of the most advanced nursing curriculums. My research interest is the correlations between chronic disease and alternative treatments such as ear acupressure, cupping glass and so on.…

Eunhea You

Johns Hopkins

Photo of Ashley Younger , MPH, MSN, RN

Ashley Younger, , MPH, MSN, RN

University of California-San Francisco

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Duke University, Ashley Younger worked on global health projects in the Guatemalan highlands and Kathmandu, Nepal. It was during these seminal experiences, Ashley realized the potential of nurse leadership within the context of global health. Ashley graduated with her Masters in Nursing (specialty in Women’s Health) from Boston College in 2009 and was the recipient of numerous awards including the Patricia Ibert Scholar Award for Nursing Leadership, the Graduate Commencement Award for Clinical Excellence in Women’s Health, the Nursing Dean’s Award as well as serving as an Albert Schweitzer Public Service Health Fellow.…

Mazen Yousef, , BSN, RN

Thomas Jefferson University

Mazen Yousef is a BSN-DNP student at Thomas Jefferson University. Mazen received his BSN from William Paterson University in 2013. He currently works full-time as a staff nurse in the Emergency Department at Jefferson. He is passionate about emergency nursing, and has presented “A Day in the Life of an ER Nurse” at the NJNS Convention in Atlantic City on March 2016.…

Debbie Zamora

University of San Francisco

Photo of Shannon Zaryoun , RN

Shannon Zaryoun, , RN

University of Utah

I have been working as an RN at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute, UNI, now for 15 years. While at UNI, I have worked in numerous nursing roles and have worked with various teams and departments across the hospital on multiple projects and initiatives to improve the patient and employee experience. I have enjoyed training new hires and mentoring Capstone students.…

Mirian Zavala


Stefanie Zavodny, , MS RN

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Stefanie is a Hillman Scholar in Nursing Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Her interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has driven her to participate in research led by her advisor Dr. Margaret Souders with the goal of helping families of children with ASD. She served as the study coordinator in a pilot randomized controlled trial of a home-based tailored behavioral intervention for insomnia in children with ASD.…

Katherine Zeichner, , MSN, MHS, ARNP, RN, CNM

Seattle University

Kate Zeichner is a Certified Nurse Midwife with Group Health Physicians in Tacoma. Previously, Kate worked in global maternal health. She managed a cross-border obstetric program for Burmese internally displaced people along the Burmese borders with Thailand and China, and served as a Program Officer for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.…

Lisa Zenoni, , MS, RN, CRRN

University of Northern Colorado

am currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Northern Colorado. My research interests include transition to practice and retention of BSN prepared students. I received my MS in Nursing, Specialization: Leadership in Health Care Systems with Education focus and BSN at the University of New Mexico. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse specializing in brain and spinal cord injury and have served in many leadership positions including President for the Colorado Chapter of Rehabilitation Nurses.…

Photo of Rachel Zhang BSN, RN

Rachel Zhang, BSN, RN

Boston College

Photo of Katherine Zheng , BSN, RN

Katherine Zheng, , BSN, RN

Columbia University

I am currently a PhD nursing student at Columbia University’s School of Nursing. My research interests involve positive youth development in adolescents with chronic illnesses. I graduated with my BSN at Case Western Reserve University in Spring of 2017 and entered my PhD program direct-entry during Fall of 2017. I grew an interest for research early on in my nursing career and became a research assistant for a faculty member at my undergraduate institution.…

Photo of Mary Ann Zimmer MSN, RN, CPN

Mary Ann Zimmer, MSN, RN, CPN

Villanova University

Elizabeth Zimmermann

Case Western University