Jonas Low Vision and Blindness investments

Stem Cell Research to Address Degenerative Retinal Disease

The Barbara & Donald Jonas Stem Cell Laboratory at the Harkness Eye Institute at Columbia University was established to use stem cell research to cure degenerative retinal diseases, specifically Late Onset Retinal Dystrophy (LORD) — a rare hereditary condition that destroys the cells responsible for peripheral vision and depth perception.

Jonas Children’s Vision Care at Columbia University

Jonas Children’s Vision Care at Columbia University aims to prevent and treat blindness and other serious eye disorders among children.

Jonas Scholars, Low Vision and Blindness

Jonas Philanthropies’ signature investment is Jonas Scholars, which aims to address the dire shortage of nursing faculty by (1) preparing nurses with doctoral degrees to step into this critical role, and (2) increasing the number of advanced practice nurses providing direct patient care. Jonas Philanthropies has supported 1,000 doctoral nursing Scholars nationwide, including several Scholars in the current 2016–2018 cohort who are focused on low vision and blindness.

These Scholars are advancing areas of study such as prevention of vision loss and blindness in at‐risk populations.

Low vision and blindness news

Jonas Philanthropies is engaged in supporting efforts to fight low vision and blindness.

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