Photo of Abbie J. Neves, PhD, APRN-Rx, PMHCNS-BC

Abbie J. Neves,, PhD, APRN-Rx, PMHCNS-BC

University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene University of Hawaii at ManoaDepartment of Nursing
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Dr. Abbie Neves is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai‘i where she teaches psychiatric-mental health nursing, along with a course she developed on veteran healthcare, education, and cultural needs. She serves as the UH based co-director and faculty for the Veterans Administration Nursing Academic partnership (VANAP) program; assisted with the ‘Ohana Heroes Project, a research study on the effect of deployment on children and families; and assisted with curriculum development in the Vets-to-Nurses Program. Her dissertation was on The Essential Structure of the Lived Experience of College Students who are Family Members of Veterans with PTSD who Served in the Iraqi-Afghanistan Armed Conflicts: Intergenerational Trauma. Through her experiences, she has acquired insight into the special needs of active duty military, veterans and student veterans. The majority of her professional experience has focused on the delivery of psychiatric mental health services to vulnerable populations in Hawaii. Her professional engagements also include; serving on a multidisciplinary team that provides consultation to the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Services for youths in foster care; providing comprehensive psychiatric and medication management services to youths with mental health challenges, and providing on-call consultation for crisis mobile outreach teams, therapeutic crisis homes, transitional family homes, and therapeutic respite homes.


Research/Clinical Practice Areas:
Psychiatric-Mental Health – PTSD, Intergenerational/Secondary/Vicarious Trauma, Play/Art/Animal Therapy, Psychotropic Medication. Telemedicine.
Education – Simulation/Avatars/Virtual Reality.
Populations – Child/Adolescent/Family. Military/Veteran. Native Hawai‘ian.