Anna Etchin, BS RN

Northeastern University PhD

I am currently a student in the Nursing BS to PhD program at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. I received my BS at the University of MA Lowell in 2010. Since 2010, I have worked as a registered nurse at the Bedford, Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. While working as a staff and charge nurse, I developed a passion for helping U.S. veterans to better care for themselves. Thus, my research focus is on reintegration challenges and outcomes among U.S. veterans. I plan to better understand resilience and risk factors for reintegration challenges to better target post-deployment interventions. My long-term goal is to assist veterans with complex health issues to better self-manage their reintegration challenges. Since 2015, I have also worked as a research assistant at two VA hospitals in MA- Bedford and Jamaica Plain (Boston). I continue to work on numerous research projects related to veterans. Since 2015, I have also worked as a research fellow with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. I have received the Clifford scholarship (2014) and the Schwartz Fellowship (2015).


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare – Poly-Trauma
Dissertation: Mediating Effects of Resilience on Military to Civilian Reintegration Success and Life Satisfaction among OEF, OIF, OND Veterans: A Secondary Analysis

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