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Daniel McAlvin

New York University DNP
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Daniel McAlvin has been a practicing psychiatric NP for 5 years, and a psychiatric nurse for over 8 years, having graduated from Columbia University’s School of Nursing. His first nursing position was at New York Presbyterian’s inpatient psychiatric unit. Working in this intensive environment offered him years of hands-on experience in patient-focused care, safety, education, as well as exposure to motivated and knowledgeable talent from many disciplines. Born of this was a more cognizant and appreciative outlook not just towards his direct clinical contributions, but how health care systems — research, evidence-based practice, access and quality, awareness and literacy — function in their interdependent ways to constantly strive towards improvement in the face of multiple obstacles and challenges.

It was during this period that he was also pursuing his Masters of Nursing. This program afforded him further study of evidence-based practice as well as the opportunity to engage with multiple health care milieus. Witnessing the work non-profits do serving the underserved here in New York demonstrated to him the true immensity of long-standing health care challenges and the vigorous commitment individuals and organizations take to meet them head-on.

Upon starting his nurse practitioning career, he embarked at a non-profit mental health care center in midtown New York named St. Paul’s Center, which was founded by an alumnus of Columbia’s nursing program, and entirely composed of NP clinicians. St. Paul’s Center provided mental health treatment to the city’s homeless, at-risk-for-homelessness and teenagers ejected from their homes. In the course of his work there, he found himself on the front-lines of healthcare and social support disparities. It was a headlong education in strengths and limitations of healthcare and social service resources desperately needed for the underserved. The experience burnished within him an appreciation of the systemic challenges of our nation’s healthcare system and the need for socially-aware nurses to lead the charge to right them.

Since 2012, Daniel has been working at NYU’s student health center as a NP at its counseling service. It has been a unique privilege to work with a diverse young adult population faced with their own particular developmental circumstances and needs. Alongside a staff who demonstrate a real commitment to health care quality, safety, student satisfaction, public education and prevention, he has been engaged with multiple evidenced-based and quality improvement initiatives such as ADHD treatment guidelines, genetic testing, prevention of adverse medication reactions, dialectical-behavior therapy, patient-to-provider communication and staff education.

Daniel also is a clinical instructor at Columbia University’s School of Nursing, teaching new waves of psychiatric nurses in psychiatric assessment. In addition, he precepts graduate psychiatric NP students at NYU. He finds teaching immensely rewarding, and considers it a necessary contribution to the profession.

Daniel is now in his first year of pursuing a DNP degree at NYU’s College of Nursing. He hopes enhance his clinical, research and healthcare-systems knowledge, but also demonstrate to healthcare consumers and the public at large his commitment to being an active participant in providing quality healthcare, and to help lead change.


Columbia University School of Nursing, New York, NY
Masters of Nursing Science, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program, October 2010
Bachelor of Nursing Science, May 2007
Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ithaca, NY
Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 2005


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Barbara Jonas Psychiatric Mental Health Scholar –