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Denise Kelsey Wishner, ,PHN, CLC, CCM

University of California-San Francisco PhD
Home Long Beach CA United States


Ms. Wishner has completed the second year of the UCSF Nursing Doctoral program and is writing her qualification exams. Her field of study and dissertation focuses on a critical component of quality palliative care – how well clinicians honor patients’ pre-stated wishes for their end-of-life. Ms. Wishner brings to her work an array of experiences that provide a solid base to her work and support her ability to achieve her educational goals and become a leader in her area of study. Ms. Wishner is a healthcare ethicist, the ethics consultation coordinator, and the IntegratedEthics® Program Officer at the VA Long Beach in California where she continues as a full-time employee. As the leader of the ethics service for the past six years, she has been successful at leading the various ethics committees that fall under the IntegratedEthics® program towards increasing Veterans’ communication of their end-of-life healthcare choices. In her role she manages two of the three core functions of IntegratedEthics®: ethics consultation and preventive ethics. Preventive ethics is the quality branch of ethics whose focus it is to narrow ethics quality gaps that are found within the facility, and the consultation branch is charged with both clinical and organizational ethical dilemmas. Ms. Wishner began ICU Ethics rounds at her facility where she is able to teach medicine and nursing trainees how to be more comfortable with end of life and goals of care discussions.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veteran Healthcare – Clinical Ethics
Dissertation: The Ethics of End of Life care