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Erica Mumm, ,MSN

Regis College DNP
Home New Hartford CT United States


As a nurse for 16 years and an educator for ten years, I am passionate about continuing my education at the Doctoral level. I chose to attend the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Regis College because Regis offers a concentration in Integrative Health. With a teaching philosophy grounded in the works of Florence Nightingale and Barbra Carper and interests in mindfulness, yoga, and presence applied to nursing education strategies, I knew the Integrative Health track was the right fit. As an educator, my focus is on curriculum development and effective curriculum delivery. Using Nightingale’s philosophy and Carper’s work on “Personal Knowing” as a basis for deepening the learning experience, I bring integrative health techniques into the nursing curriculum through experiential learning. During my 16 years as a nurse, I have worked in a variety of clinical areas but found myself drawn to community health and subsequently education. I currently teach as an Assistant Professor of Nursing. I am a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education. In 2003 I married an Army soldier and experienced first hand the joys and challenges of military life, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. As a doctoral student, driven to make a difference through my research, I am honored that I can blend my commitment to nursing education with my professional passion for integrative health and my personal passion of helping veterans with PTSD. I reside in New Hartford, CT with my family.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veteran Healthcare – Integrative Health in Nursing Education
Dissertation: Integrative Health curriculum development for nursing students with clinical application to Veteran’s experiencing PTSD.