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Felita Wash-White

Arizona State University PhD
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The love of nursing and nursing education is about having experiences for herself and others…especially minority, underrepresented nursing students. Helping and healing are the essences of what I treasure as a nurse. As a nursing educator, I integrate these to provide an oasis of support for socially and psychologically disadvantaged students. I strive to increase my students’ perceptions of their self-efficacy, self-observance, self-knowledge, and self-care. I know that no single approach is right for every unique student within my reach, and I seek to gain more knowledge about how to help these students achieve their ultimate potential. My inspiration comes from feelings of connection and needs to help others. My educational background includes BSN and MSN in Nursing Education from Indiana University Kokomo. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing and Health Innovation from Arizona State University. I have been a clinical nurse for seventeen years in adult critical care. Teaching others transcends into a sentiment of being in education for “most of my life.” I remember grading papers when I was nine-years-old. My “inherent” professional career has followed me into academic nursing. As a unit-based educator since 2012 at Indiana University Health and an adjunct and full-time lecturer in nursing education my passion is to bring together the world of nursing and academic success to as many minority students as possible. This endeavor includes mentorship, role modeling, counseling and active participation in leadership projects, presentations, and other innovative interventions that allow all us to excel.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Preventive Health
Dissertation: Anticipated Dissertation Title: Using Mentoring as an Intervention for Inclusion, Impact, and Academic Success Diversity in nursing academia and practice remains a fervent component in recruitment, retention, and enrollment of minority students. As our nation becomes increasingly diverse, minority nurses continue to decline. Initiatives to increase nursing diversity link to various channels involving mentoring strategies. My research will be to imprint mentoring as an interventional (working toolkit) to impact minority students’ academic success.