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Ian Wolfe, , BA, RN, CCRN

University of Minnesota PhD
Home Minneapolis MN United States


I am currently a PhD student in the nursing department at the University of Minnesota. In addition to my PhD work I am pursuing MA degree in the center for bioethics. I have worked in burn and pediatric intensive care units. In addition to nursing, I completed a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a focus on illness and relational ethics. My interests are in pediatrics, ethics, and social justice. I have attended the Nurse in Washington Internship and participated in my state internship planning committee, as well as chairing thelocal chapter of the AACN’s research committee. I have also chaired and participated in many other critical care committees. My area of study and interest is the bioethics of medical complexity. I am interested in the competing values that medical complexity elicits, which influences policy, law, ethics, and practice. Social justice and equity are the overall fundamental driving forces behind this pursuit towards the allocation of resources based on health care obligations and needs. In particular I am interested in how rescue grants moral legitimacy in healthcare and creates disparate domains of health between private and public health. My research is informed by critical realism, which seeks to identify causal mechanisms and structures that underlie observable phenomena. My work is integrative and acknowledges the need to utilize mixed methods. Overall my area of research utilizes qualitative methods such as narrative inquiry, case study, and ethnography. Social justice, systems theory, critical realism, integral theory, feminist theory, and bioethics inform my research.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare – Policy and Leadership
Dissertation: “How does this happen?” A critical realist approach to complexity in pediatrics after rescue in a particular case.