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Jennifer Wessol, , BSN, RN, CNRN, CCRN-CMC

University of Missouri-Kansas City PhD
Home Parkville MO United States


In Spring 2013 I began my BSN to PhD coursework at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, entering the PhD program Summer 2014. I received a BSN from Avila College in 1995 and have been active in the acute care setting since, working in the cardiac catheterization lab, critical care float pool and as a code neuro nurse. As a code neuro nurse I work closely with an interdisciplinary team to provide care to those who present with hyper-acute and acute stroke symptoms promoting and participating in the delivery of care and clinical research. For this reason, I am committed to improving health outcomes in this population with the ultimate goal of decreasing the number of recurrent strokes. Accordingly, my dissertation focus is improving medication adherence in older adult stroke survivors. I am active in shared governance at Saint Luke’s Hospital. I have served as a member and Chair of the Standards of Care committee developing standardized clinical care plans and patient education pathways. Currently, I serve as the Secretary of the Nurse Research Council whereby I facilitate development of bedside nurse’s research projects, evaluate the scientific merit of projects, and assist in dissemination and utilization of nursing research outcomes. I am a member of the MAGIC research team. The MAGIC study, an NIH R01 study, is led by PIs Drs. Russell and Hathaway. The goal of this randomized controlled trial is test the effectiveness of an innovative SystemCHANGE™ intervention on medication adherence, outcomes and costs.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Cardiac Disease/Stroke
Dissertation: What is the effectiveness of a SystemCHANGE (Change Habits by Applying New Goals and Experiences) intervention when compared to standard care for increasing medication adherence in older individuals who have experienced a stroke.