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Kristina Ennis, ,RN

University of Missouri-Columbia DNP
Home Nixa MO United States


I am currently in the DNP-FNP program at the University of Missouri. I studied Microbiology for five years, but unfortunately, my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took a break from school to help with her treatment, and it was at this time I decided to pursue a nursing degree. I worked in an inpatient cancer unit for the past 3 1/2 years. Breast cancer patients are my research and clinical practice interest area. I grew up in a very rural community, and therefore, have always had a passion for working in rural health. Upon completion of my degree, I plan to work in a rural health clinic. I believe rural individuals are often forgotten and do not have adequate access when it comes to healthcare. It is important to provide competent, high quality care to all individuals, including those in a rural setting. Rural individuals are diagnosed at later stages and have less access to treatment. I would like to volunteer time as part of a mobile screening team that goes into rural settings to provide free cancer screening to these populations. I am starting a new job in September as a clinical instructor. I have a passion for teaching and believe it is important to provide each student with the knowledge and opportunity to succeed. I am currently working towards a minor in nursing education, and would like to instruct at a nursing school upon graduation.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Oncology
Dissertation: Education program on the use of exercise to decrease cancer related fatigue in breast cancer patients