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Nicole Murry, , BSN, RN

University of Texas-Austin PhD
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Nicole Murry, BSN, RN, is pursuing a PhD in Nursing with a focus on health literacy. As a nurse educator in the Neonatal Intensive Care, Nicole observed that when the delivery of health information was tailored to meet the needs of parents, which often included clear verbal and written communication, patients and parents fared better. These same observations were echoed throughout her work as a graduate assistant and project manager for a large-scale study focused on health literacy and self-care behaviors of approximately 400 patients within a federally qualified health center. And when she transitioned to a position working with healthcare leaders across the state, she learned that meeting the health literacy needs of patients is a common challenge among healthcare organizations. Committed to system level solutions to address the health literacy needs of all patients, her dissertation will result in the development of a tool designed to measure healthcare organizational attributes related to patient health literacy. Her hope is that by using this tool, healthcare organizations can begin to systematically and efficiently address the practices within their system that place an unnecessary health literacy burden on the patients they serve.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Health Systems/Patient Safety/Quality
Dissertation: Assessment of Health Literate Practices Within Healthcare Organizations