Noreen Mulvanerty, FNP-AANC

Georgetown University DNP

Noreen Mulvanerty is the Senior Director of Clinical Programs & Services at NYC Children’s Services. Noreen interfaces with State, Federal and private external agencies on health, policy and program development, monitoring and compliance issues. She provides direct oversight on health care issues related to foster children and delivers technical assistance to program operations including medical performance reviews of foster care programs. Noreen serves as a direct advisor for Child Protection and Preventive Service’s staff, on case specific consultation and training. Noreen develops and implements strategies to enhance the understanding of medical issues within the child welfare system, for improved case practice and outcomes and oversight for direct medical services offered at the Children’s Center and the various field offices for children awaiting foster care placement.. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Cum Laude, and a Master’s of Science in Nursing from SUNY Downstate as well a post graduate certificate in Wholistic Nursing from The York College of Health Professions. Pri Noreen spent most of her career in Emergency Room settings. She opened a private practice in in 2006 in her hometown that concentrated on wellness and disease prevention. She developed an urgent care delivery system in a primary care clinic in Williamsburg, where she currently retains a part time practice and she is an Assistant Clinical Professor at PACE University in the graduate FNP program. Noreen is an herbalist and holds a patent for an organic healing herbal formula she created, omyst™.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Family Practice with an emphsis on the marginalzed and poor pediatric population in NYC.
Dissertation: Improving Outcomes with Safe Sleep Practice and Eduation in NYC.

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