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Robyne Eisenhauer, , MSN, RN

Duquesne University DNP
Home Lebanon PA United States


My interest in the military veteran population developed early in my life and nursing career. My father was in the U.S. Army and my father-in-law was a veteran of the Korean War and served in the U.S. Navy. This initial interest continued to evolve throughout my career as a nurse. I had the opportunity to work for the Lebanon VA Hospital as a clinical nurse educator for several years. During this time my daily exposure to veterans cultivated an awareness and respect for this unique patient population. As a DNP student at Duquesne University I plan to assess the spiritual needs of veterans and facilitate a referral with a hospital or community based spiritual advisor. Long-standing JCAHO mandates and recent VHA initiatives require a spiritual assessment to be completed on all in-patients. This project will generate holistic improvements in the overall health of veterans. Following more than 15-years in the acute care setting I obtained a MSN from Millersville University and transitioned to academia. In my current position as the Simulation Lab Director at Alvernia University I have worked with faculty to develop new and significant simulation experiences in the undergraduate program. The eventual transferability of my project will occur through the creation of a healthcare simulation involving undergraduate nursing students and veterans from the campus Veterans Center. As an educator at Alvernia I have served as advisor to the local student nurse association, coordinator of a 3-year HRSA grant and maintained membership our local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare – Other
Dissertation: “Will an assessment of spiritual needs of military veterans conducted by a registered nurse in the acute care setting encourage willingness to receive support and guidance from the hospital chaplain or resource in the veterans own faith community?”