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Sandra Kreizenbeck, , FNP, MSN, BSN, RN

University of San Francisco DNP
Home Pleasanton CA United States


Sandra Kreizenbeck is currently enrolled at the University of San Francisco as a DNP student. She graduated from USF in 1997 with a BSN. After she graduated from USF, she served in both the Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom conflicts as an officer and nurse in the US Air Force. She got out as a Captain. She then worked as an RN case manager at VA Palo Alto Medical Center in the Polytrauma and Spinal Cord departments. Sandra obtained an FNP and a MSN from Holy Names University in 2012. She currently works as an FNP in an Autism clinic in Pleasanton, California. With the increase in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays, it is essential that more research be generated on the current research findings that correlate the exposure of toxicants to neurodevelopmental disorders. Sandra has identified a gap in the nursing research on treating clinician understanding on prevention and treatment of toxicant exposure. Sandra feels strongly that is essential that if treating clinicians understood environmental toxin exposure to the fullest, they could then educate their patient about its prevention and treatment, that in turn will hopefully decrease risk factors and ultimately produce better patient outcomes. Sandra’s DNP project assesses the understanding of a group of treating clinicians on the prevention and treatment of toxicant exposures. Based on her findings, Sandra will formulate an evidence-based teaching strategy for how to educate clinicians as a whole about preventing and treating toxicant exposure in their patients.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Women’s and Children’s Health
Dissertation: Environmental Toxicant Clinician Knowledge Deficit