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Sharon Martin, , BSN, RN

Arizona State University DNP
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Sharon Martin is a hematology/ oncology RN at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, AZ and a DNP student at Arizona State University. A nurse with a passion for palliative care, Sharon was chosen by her unit at Mayo Clinic to attend the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Train the Trainer Conference in 2015. As an ELNEC educator, Sharon has helped host multiple palliative nursing education events at Mayo Clinic. Seeing the complex psycho-social strain patients and families endure after a terminal diagnosis has instilled in her a desire to explore how nurses can better manage the mental health of their patients. She is especially interested in how structured Life Review can positively impact traditional palliative care. Using reminiscence and story-telling, Sharon’s Life Review project will help veterans with a terminal diagnosis integrate meaning in their lives, decrease depressive symptoms, and improve quality of life. Through educating providers and nurses about Life Review and the benefits of meaningful communication at end of life, Sharon hopes to sustain continued research and implementation of this valuable evidence-based intervention. With the support of the Jonas Center and a highly regarded DNP education from Arizona State University, Sharon’s Life Review project will directly benefit a high priority veterans’ healthcare issue and help define her role as an advanced practice nurse leader in palliative care.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veterans Healthcare – Palliative Care/Pain/Hospice
Dissertation: Life Review in Palliative Care: Impacting Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life for Veterans with a Terminal Diagnosis