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Tina Mutka, , MPH, RN

University of South Florida PhD
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In August of 2018, I will begin the PhD Program in Nursing Science at the University of South Florida (USF). I became a registered nurse in 2014 and prior to transitioning into nursing I obtained a Master of Public Health in Global Communicable Disease and spent several years employed as a microbiologist at USF where my main research focus was on the malaria parasite. Though I transitioned from a research scientist into a bedside nurse, I continued to have an interest in public health and the infectious subset of communicable diseases. As I contemplated furthering my education in nursing, I explored the options available and decided on pursuing a PhD in nursing. The PhD in Nursing Science program at USF affords me the luxury of combining my interests in nursing, infectious disease, public health, and research. One of the current funded research projects within the College of Nursing at USF focuses on ophthalmic health in Toxoplasma gondii infected Hispanic pregnant women. Aspects of this project are in sync with my research interests and the plan is to complete my dissertation research as a part of this funded project. I look forward to beginning the PhD program in Nursing Science at USF and I am very honored to have been chosen as a Jonas Scholar for 2018-2020.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Ophthalmic Health
Dissertation: Opthalmic health and depression in Toxoplasma gondii infected Hispanic women during the perinatal period.