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Tracy Krauss

Johns Hopkins University DNP
Home Annandale VA United States


After graduating from Winston Salem State University in 1993, Lieutenant Commander Tracy Krauss joined the US Navy Nurse Corp. In2007, LCDR Krauss obtained a Master’s in Science with a concentration in Disaster, Crisis and Emergency Management from George Washington University and served as the Emergency Manager for US Naval Hospital Naples, Italy. She completed a second Masters at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, graduating with an MPH with a concentration in Infectious Disease. LCDR Krauss is currently the Clinic Manager at Naval Branch Health Clinic, Naval Air Facility, Washington DC. LCDR Krauss deployed to Djibouti, to develop a disaster preparedness program for the medical clinic. Recently, she deployed to the Philippines to teach diabetes, health and nutrition to over two hundred local nurses and provided care for over 2,000 patients. LCDR Krauss’s areas of interest lies in global health and humanitarian assistance, and more locally, stress identification and treatment. This is how she found “Joe.” Joe is a four-year-old retriever, trained by Southeastern Guide Dogs to detect stress pheromones in people. LCDR Krauss, working in partnership with Joe, has identified undiagnosed cases of PTSD in military service members, and individuals who had actively planned suicide attempts. LCDR Krauss hopes to expand efforts to identify, study and develop programs to address stress in service members, specifically military health care providers through innovative solutions like Joe.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Veteran Healthcare – Nursing
Dissertation: Capstone