Jonas Winter News 2018

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1. Feature: From the Desk of Barbara & Donald Jonas

2. News

  • Jonas Scholar Highlights
  • Call for Jonas Scholar Applications

3. Grantees

  • Update: Jonas Global Nursing Grants

4. Events

  • Register Today!: Serving Those Who Serve Our Country (Mar. 7 @ 4pm)
  • Jonas Scholar Receptions at Regional Research Society Meetings
    • Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS): Mar. 21-24, Atlanta, GA
    • Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS): Apr. 11-13, Newark, NJ
    • Western Institute of Nursing (WIN): Apr. 11-14, Spokane, WA
    • Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS): Apr. 12-15, Cleveland, OH
  • Save the Date: Seventh Annual Jonas Golf Classic (Tue., Oct. 2)