Right Tree, Right Place, Right Community

  • As an urgent response to the global climate emergency, Jonas  Philanthropies is expanding its commitment to healthcare and “investing where it matters most” to include tree growing. We will grow over 10 million trees by 2025.
  • Many organizations attempt reforestation, but not every program is effective. By taking an evidence based and data-driven approach, we will identify the right trees, the right places and the right communities to create maximum social, economic and ecological benefit.
  • We leverage this thoughtful and transparent approach to build a powerful network of partner funders to join us in supporting a diversity of tree-planting organizations both domestic and global that prioritize engaging and supporting frontline communities, promoting food security, biodiversity, and multi-functionality of species ensuring high survival and focusing on species with meaningful carbon sequestration.

Read our white paper explaining the effectiveness of trees in mitigating climate change while providing immediate cascading benefits to frontline communities, the relationship to human health, and the importance of growing trees using a “right trees, right place, right community” approach.” 

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Why Trees?

  • We are in the midst of a planetary emergency. Our planet is facing a deep and long-term climate crisis rooted in interconnected global challenges that require consistent and immediate action. Issues like global warming, deforestation, nature degradation, and pandemics are connected in a domino effect.
  • Healthy trees mean healthy people around the world. Growing and protecting trees improves air & water quality (watershed health), shade cover, economic security, human mental and physical health, and overall quality of life.
  • Reforestation is a critical part of the solution. As the most economical and simplest known way of capturing and storing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, trees have the power to reduce the impacts of climate change.



Tree Growth and Climate Justice

Eric Toensmeir, Senior Fellow at Project Drawdown and Lecturer at Yale, discusses the most recent research from Drawdown. He shows how trees are the most economical and simplest known way of reducing the tragic impacts of climate change and makes the link between tree growth and climate justice issues.

Funding Partners

It is core to the Jonas Philanthropies mission to address the needs of frontline populations and communities. We are convening a powerful network of partners aligned with this mission to fund a diverse group of vetted, multifaceted tree growing projects all over the world. 

Join Us: Please email erin (at) lifteconomy (dot) com if you are interested in becoming a funding partner.

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Tree-Growing Partners

A unique organizational framework, vetted by a world-renowned Tree Expert Advisory Board, brings our vision to life. This diversified funding approach allows us to support many projects around the world, creating big change on a global scale. 

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Advisory Board

We have convened a world-renowned Tree Expert Advisory Board.

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Trees for Climate Health News

Learn more about our work and vision.

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