The Daily Iowan Interviews Jonas Center Executive Director, Darlene Curley

Jonas Center Executive Director, Darlene Curley, was recently interviewed and featured in the Daily Iowan. The excerpt below is a transcript of Darlene’s interview, to view the article in its entirety please visit the Daily Iowan’s website by clicking this link.


“The snapshot in today’s employment might show that there is not a shortage of nurses,” said Darlene Curley, the Executive Director of the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, an organization that works to better professional nursing with grants and programs to help create and keep nurses. “But looking ahead in the next five to 10 years, we know there is going to be a big shortage as many nurses retire and as Americans age.”

Curley agrees the lack of nursing faculty also might be contributing to the problem.

In 2010, she said, there were more than 1,000 faculty vacancies across the country, and 60,000 nursing applicants were denied access to nursing programs.

“One of the biggest problems right now is the faculty shortage and the growing demand for nurses,” she said.