The Jonas Center welcomes nearly 200 new Scholars this fall!

Dear Jonas Scholars,

On behalf of Barbara and Donald Jonas and all of us at the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, Welcome to the Jonas Center family! As a Jonas Scholar, you are joining a network of more than 250 nurse leaders nationwide who are committed to advancing the field of nursing, and ultimately the future of healthcare.

The Jonas Scholars Program was started in 2008, with just six PhD scholars in three states. Since that time, the program has grown considerably: the 2012 cohort comprises 198 scholars from 87 schools in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Your fellow scholars include both PhD and DNP students, as well as a group of 54 Scholars who are focused specifically on veterans’ healthcare. Those scholars that have come before you (nearly 60 across the country) are now filling roles as faculty, researchers and clinical leaders.

Each of you are unique in your endeavors, but you all share a common goal – improving patient care as leaders in all areas of healthcare, from direct care and education to administration and policy. We hope you are able to leverage your fellow scholars, both past and current, as resources and support throughout your Doctoral experience. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments!


Darlene Curley