NURSE FACULTY PRACTICE: NYU College of Nursing & NYU College of Dentistry (2006-2009)

Addressing the Healthcare Challenges of the 21st Century through an Innovative Practice Model

To support a Nurse Practitioner (NP) faculty-run clinic providing primary care to under-served and older adults. Through inter-professional collaboration between faculty from NYU Colleges of Nursing and Dentistry, patients are referred to the NP clinic. Specific patient outcomes included increased access to primary healthcare services; continuity of care; improved health status; risk factor reduction; patient satisfaction; and patient retention.  The project also provided a teaching venue for health professions students focused on health promotion and disease prevention as well as serves as a feasibility pilot for an innovative nursing practice model.

    •  Grant 2006-2009
    • Amount: $300,000



  • Program is Active and Expanding
  • Innovative Nursing Practice Model for Primary Care
  • Academic Partnership with School of Dentistry
  • Funding Partnerships: Jonas Nursing & Veterans Healthcare, Samuels Foundation
  • Level 1 NCQA designation as primary care Medical Home
  • American Diabetes Association designation
  • National Innovation showcase for integration of interprofessional oral health for primary care providers
  • Services expanded to include Behavioral Health
  • Integration of oral health at 120 Schools of Nursing
  • 125 nation wide primary care clinics now include oral health
  • NYU purchased and expanded clinic to increase services