Common Vision

Urban Forestry with Youth Employment (East Bay Area, CA)

Common Vision will grow 150 trees, provide job opportunities for urban youth and engage students with school gardens and greenspace. 

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Forest Conservation & Reforestation (Southwest Haiti)

DESPRI Haiti will protect Pine National Park from deforestation and grow 24,490 new trees. 

Moringa Reforestation (Northwest Haiti)

DESPRI Haiti will grow 16,327 Moringa trees, a fast growing, drought-resistant fruit tree that will provide food, medicine, and water purification as well as help income security for local  women’s self-help groups.

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Eden Reforestation Project

Planting Trees and Alleviating Extreme Poverty (Kenya & Madagascar)

The growing of 150,000 trees by Eden Reforestation Projects will provide income and food security to alleviate local poverty. 

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Tree People

Urban Tree Canopy Expansion (Los Angeles, CA)

A project from Tree People that adds 24 trees to the streets of Los Angeles, reducing extreme heat days by up to 20°F. Local high school students and community members will help plant and protect these trees. 

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Trees, Water & People

Ponderosa Pine Reforestation of Burn Areas (Pine Ridge, SD)

Trees, Water & People will re-establish indigenous foodways and create jobs in one of the most impoverished regions of the United States with the growing of 6,000 trees. 

Triquilapa and Montecillos Watersheds, (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

A project led by the Suyapa indigenous leaders in collaboration with Trees, Water & People that will address urban heat island effect and protect the biggest watershed in Honduras with the growing of 40,000 trees. 

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