Amanda Huerta, BSN, RN

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University of Kansas DNP

My health career goal is to provide hope and healing to all those in need. My life passion is to serve vulnerable population groups, particularly the elderly, Hispanic, mentally fragile, and Veterans as an NP and address our nation’s most pressing healthcare needs. I became aware of the historic need to help underserved populations through my family. My grandparents migrated from Mexico and exemplified the suffering and the lack of access to healthcare experienced by the poor. This background played a key part in my aspiration to be a leader, educator, and patient advocate for the most neglected. I have tried to make a difference in my community in many ways. Locally, I have been involved with multicultural groups including the KC Care Clinic, JayDoc Clinic, and Care Beyond the Boulevard as a Spanish-speaking interpreter. Internationally, I have volunteered in Latin American countries. My service trips to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and most recently Guatemala have supported underprivileged populations and enhanced my nursing decisions and actions. My activities at home and abroad have shaped me as a nurse and deepened my commitment to the complex healthcare needs of vulnerable communities. As a first-generation college student, I intend to lead an everlasting legacy as an NP. I am energized every day to improve the quality and availability of care to disadvantaged groups through advanced clinical practice and cultural sensitivity. I am eager to begin building a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance our nation’s healthcare and global community.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Preventive Health
Dissertation: My primary area of interest is caring for the most vulnerable populations: war veterans, elderly, Hispanics, and physically and cognitively disabled communities. My main plan for serving their needs focuses on a mobile primary care unit working in conjunction with KU School of Nursing DNP students who will both learn and deliver care for the most neglected individuals of these underserved groups.

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