Chadwick Council, BSN, RN

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University of Hawaii at Manoa DNP

I am a former medical student with my area of focus being Geriatrics and the homeless. Before and during medical school I worked with the Hawaii Outreach Medical Education (H.O.M.E) Project to provide medical assistance to the various homeless shelters throughout the island. After some time in medical school and seeing first hand how the tide of primary care was shifting away from what initially peaked my interest in healthcare, I decided, after talking with mentors and doing extensive research, that working as a Nurse Practitioner in the area of Gerontology aligned much better with my future goals as a healthcare provider and thus I made the switch to DNP. My primary focus in the DNP program is Adult Gerontology with my research goal focusing on diabetes education in the outpatient setting to reduce diabetes related hospital admissions and readmissions, especially considering the pervasiveness of diabetes in Hawaii. I hold a BSN in Nursing, a BBA in Information Technology Management and a minor in Speech Communication and I am currently licensed as an RN in Oahu. In terms of work experience I have worked directly with patients during my time with H.O.M.E Project, years 1-3 in medical school, in the GEPN prelicensure year and periodically help see patients in a interdisciplinary healthcare team under the G.W.E.P grant at Mililani Physicians Center in addition to assessing patients in my current DNP rotation. In terms of recent awards, I was induced into the nursing STTI honor society in 2017 of last year.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Scholar – Chronic Health
Dissertation: My tentative project proposal is that providing diabetes education by a trained registered nurse and or NP for patients in Honolulu Hawaii diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus can result in decreased hospital readmission rates. Given how pervasive diabetes is here in Hawaii and seeing first hand the effects that diabetes education, or lack thereof has had on family members, I feel passionate about diabetes education and my tentative DNP project.

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