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Christine Maloney

New York University DNP
Home Fort Washington PA United States


Being a nurse for over 35 years, and a GNP for almost 20, I have witnessed a tremendous change in healthcare. With my focus over the last years concentrated on the elderly, this population’s healthcare has been the most volatile. I am involved with many programs and services that are designed to assist the senior population, but due to changes in policies, many elders are excluded and even forgotten. The time has come for those of us who are educated and qualified to begin to develop, promote, and pursue legislation that will support this fragile population. Education of the nurse leader is critical so that they understand what is needed, can develop specific policies and protocols, and then educate other nurses as well as the general population to produce healthcare that benefits this most needy community. If I am fortunate enough to receive this Jonas scholarship, I will continue my education at the DNP level in hopes of achieving my goal as a joint appointed professor that also allows me to continue my clinical focus in an academic setting. Christine Maloney


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas-Blaustein Nurse Leader – geriatrics
Dissertation: preventative elder healtcare