Eunhea You

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey PhD

Even though I have over 14 years nursing experiences, I came to realize that having some nursing experience is not enough to take good care of my patients due to an imbalance of limited knowledge and skills. Therefore, I decided to study in America, which has one of the most advanced nursing curriculums. My research interest is the correlations between chronic disease and alternative treatments such as ear acupressure, cupping glass and so on. I initially became interested in this topic due to my father who has hypertension. My father’s blood pressure was controlled well and finally stopped taking medications. As a professional nurse, I thought about what made him adjust better than his friends who had same diseases and my patients at a hospital. My father liked listening to any music so he could relax and manage his stress. Even though technologies, machines, procedures, and medications are advanced and we exchange a lot of knowledge between western and eastern nowadays; we are still experiencing the need of research for more integral and combination of alternative methods with high technology medical methods. Furthermore, when we try this type of research it is effective to conduct research actively with many different fields for quality cares, such as dietitian or music therapy. I definitely believe that these research results will be practical, useful, and worth pursuing for better care of people.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – Cancer
Dissertation: Not Yet

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Newbrunswick NJ United States