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Katie Edwards, ,RN

Clemson University PhD
Home Pendleton SC United States


My name is Katie (Andrews) Edwards and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Healthcare Genetics at Clemson University in South Carolina. I am excited that this program effectively combines my backgrounds in biology and nursing. As an RN, with experience in neuro/trauma ICU and rehabilitation, I have found that nurses have significant opportunities to impact the lives of their patients, peers and community. Of note, my nursing specialty in neurology has vast opportunities for genetic research. Being exposed to these areas of nursing enhanced my interest in genetics and neurology, especially the clinical application of these sciences. I am passionate about healthcare, teaching, and the study of science to improve people’s lives. Since my freshman year of college, I have worked at least part-time in healthcare (10+ years) and have found the work fulfilling; especially neurology. Through tutoring peers, teaching at a learning center, and my recent RN positions, I discovered that I enjoy teaching. My current position as a graduate teaching assistant to nursing students in medical surgical clinical settings has solidified a long-time desire to teach at the university level. I believe my desire to teach can directly apply to a future career in genetics, through education of patients, the community, and my ultimate goal of teaching at the university level in a school/college of nursing. This opportunity via the Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar Program will have a lasting impact on my professional life as I apply myself in the fields of genetics, neurology and nursing education.


Research/Clinical Practice Area: Jonas Nurse Leader – genetics, neurology and nursing education
Dissertation: Impact of genetics on neuro/trauma rehabilitation